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Terms & Condition


PTEpromocode offers you one of the easiest and convenient ways to appear for your PTE exam. Our online service provided you the discounted PTE vouchers for your PTE exam. When you buy any voucher from us, we imply that you are fully aware of its usage and validity. We are not responsible for any lack of knowledge that you may posse about the PTE exam. You are bound to use our services for non-commercial purpose only. Any fraudulent will lead you to expel from our services. A part of our services is subjected to change continuously. They are available exclusively on our website for a limited time only. We request you to keep an eye over them as any claim to acquire those services after the service period is over will not be entertained. We have designed our services and products as per the industry standards. Any failure of services due to the issue related to your system will not be taken into consideration. Similarly, we are also not responsible for any error and technical problem in your internet connection. We reserved the all-inclusive right to discontinue and restrict our products and services at any point of time. We also may restrict it as per the demographic and geographic details. Any claim regarding this will not be considered. We cannot warrant that the quality of our product, services, information, reference material, online study material, etc. will satisfy all our customers, though we try to keep at the best. Any failure in exam or bad scores will not be our liability.

General terms of service

When you use our service, you are compelled not to imitate any of graphics, website content, and web hosting, audio, video and any such details available on our website. Upon violation of this rule, we hold all the rights to terminate our services to you. by reading this terms and condition, we imply that you are aware with the verity that you are not allowed to copy, sell, modify, post and transmitted any of the information available over our official website. While you register yourself with us, you are entitled to use certain parts of our website. But, PTEpromocode holds the entire authority over the content and components of the website all the time. A part of the content present of our website belongs to the third-party. You are entitled to use them all-inclusive. However, the usage would be limited and the third-party holds the rights for that content. PTEpromocode holds for control over them. In due of our services usage, you understand that a part of you information like name and contact details can be shared with any other third-party for promotional and e-marketing propose. However, all the debit and credit cards details are highly confidential and will not be shared with any outer source. We are not responsible for expiry, misplacing and the wrong usage of the coupon. Once you purchased from us, you have the sole responsibility for it. We imply that whatever the information you provide us is right and accurate. Any loss or expiry of coupon due to misleading and wrong information is not guaranteed by us. This terms and condition content is for reference purpose only. Do not take it into account solely. Please take the help of professional help in case of any doubts.

Authority of the user

Being a user of our website and service, you are entitled to avail some additional benefits from our side. However, you are not entitled to do:
  • Any alteration in the service
  • Trespassing other users’ details
  • Creating a copy of our content
  • Post anything over our website that might contain Trojans and virus
  • Create a disturbance in our modus operandi.

Service modification

Prices of our services are subject to change without any prior notice. We are not responsible for the difference in prices of the same coupon for two users. Also, we are not accountable for any discounts and reduction provided by third-party. We also don’t warrant you about equality of the service and coupon code to all our services as they are also subjected to change. Two users may have got the PTE coupons at different prices depending upon their purchased periods. You understand that the discount on coupons is available for limited period only. Any claim to avail the discount once the time period has gone will not be entertained.

The accuracy of information and account

We reserve the right to cancel your purchase because of any wrong or misleading information provided to you. We imply that while you use our online services, you are well-aware of the basic knowledge of the computer thus provides us with the right information. Upon finding any ill-legal activity against you, we have sole discretion to terminate our services to you. You understand that you provide us with nothing but right details related to you. Any wrong detail may lead to loss of your company. If that is the case, we are not responsible for it. You also understand that providing the right bank and credit card details will help you to get your refund (if there is any) easily and instantly. Any loss due to wrong bank information will not be entertained by us. You agree to produce right correspondence details to contact you in case of an emergency. We are not going to bear any loss due to the wrong set of information. We imply that all the details provide while you create an account over our website is right. You understand that the use of your account is highly dependable on certain external factors. Your internet services providers and availability of internet are the crucial ones. Any failure of transaction an expiry of the discounted coupon to the failure of your internet service is not our responsibility. The Company shall not be responsible to the expiry of coupon due to account inaccessibility you understand that all the log in details are secured with you and you are responsible for it. We are not liable for any misuse of your account details. However, in case you forget your account details, we will help you out to retrieve it back.

Third-party services

All the third-party links are not affiliated with us. Clicking on them will take you away from us. Any loss and damage caused by third-party will not be entertained by us. You understand that you click on them at your responsibility. We request you to read their term and conditions before using it. Any delay of service and change of coupon by any third-party will not be entrained by us. If you haven’t purchased PTE coupon from us then we will not be able to help you out regarding this. We do not warrant about the authenticity of the products, services, and goods that you may purchase through third-party service providers. All the claims and complaints against the third-party are required to direct to them only.

Prohibition of the user

PTEpromocode holds all the rights to prohibit a user and number of the user if:
  • You violate any rules and regulations of our services
  • You infringe without copyrights and intellectual property rights
  • You discriminate, insult, abuse and harass any other user of our website
  • You found guilty against any legal and law binding
  • There is any legal case running against you
  • You upload and post any inappropriate content over our website
  • You perform any illegal activities like stalking and altering other user’s details

Authenticity of the content

You shall understand that the test reference material has been designed and developed as per the prescribed syllabus. We shall not be held responsible for any abrupt change on the syllabus and pattern of the exam by the governing authority. You shall understand that all the reference material come with a copyright and they reserve the rights of the content.

Late Booking Charge


All the information present in this agreement should be taken into account only for reference purposes. One should not rely upon it solely as they are highly subjected to change. In addition, you understand that we do not warranty you to provide you with any uninterrupted service. Discontinuation of services could occur at any point in time. A part of our website and service may contain users’ views. We are not accountable to the personal views of the other users. Any claims made regarding the views of other users will not be entertained. In no circumstance, the directors, shareholder, officer, agents and service provider of PTEpromocode will be held responsible for any loss, injury, any punitive and accident damage to the user of services. We are free from any liabilities caused because of any misconduct, breach of the contract and ill-practice of our employees. However, upon confirmation of any such event, we are ought to take the proper actions against them.

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