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Refund Policy

Important Note:

PTEPromoCode.com never asks for any confidential details such as your credit or debit card etc. The candidate can book his/her PTE test online or via phone calls. You will be provided your promo code after you book your exam.

We are not responsible if the candidate is not eligible to use the PTE Academic score due to issues such as visa application etc. Please reach out authorities for any clarifications.

(Please refer to our policies, which are written just below this form, before e-mailing us)

e-Mail Format for Refunds

To avail the refund regarding the purchased promo code, you need to mail us following the given format:

Name of Account holder:
Name of the Bank:
Account number:
IFSC code:
Promo Code number:
Date of purchase:
Cause of claiming refund:

After filling the above mentioned format, get in touch with us at info@ptepromocode.com.

PTEPromocode Refund Policy

To avail the refund of the purchased PTE promo code, one should keep these detailed terms and conditions in mind:

  • You are eligible to redeem your 50% refund from us, if you cancel your exam at least 7 days prior to the scheduled exam date.
  • We do not payback in Cash.
  • The payable amount will be refunded to the payer's bank account within 7 days, only if the candidate returns his/her unutilized PTE promo code to before the expiry of the code.
  • PTEPromoCode provides you exam materials which cover almost the overall PTE exam course. However, we don’t provide any assurance of its cent percent relevance to the PTE exams.
  • The digital exam materials like CDs, provided by us only run in specific operating systems. Do check your operating system before you use them. We do not hold any responsibility for their working or not working.
  • We will consider our mail as an approval from your side regarding our refund policy. We request you to read our refund policy in details before emailing us.
  • PTEPromoCode.com never asks for any confidential details such as your credit or debit card etc. If you receive such calls and makes payment, then the responsibility will be yours. We can’t refund you anything in this case as you didn’t purchase from us in the first place.