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  1. What is PTE-Academic?

    Pearson Test of English Academic Test is a computer based language test of reading, writing, listening and speaking English. The test provides the students with a chance to prove their command over the English language on passing which they would be able to acquire immigration and student visas for themselves.

  2. How PTE Academic exam is different from PTE General?

    Only PTE-A is valid for all visa applications. It must be remembered that PTE-General will not be accepted in case of visa applications.

  3. What is the PTE discounted promo code?

    It is a payment method in which you will be provided with a discounted promo code and while booking your PTE test through your official PTE web account you can type in the promo code to access the discount. These codes can be purchased from the professional partners of PTE-Academic. We are one of them.

  4. What does www.ptepromocode.com do?

    Our website helps the student in booking for PTE Academic Exam at cheap prices, helping them in realizing their dreams of studying abroad. We can also provide the academic and Visa consultation if needed.

  5. How do I buy the promo code from PTEPromoCode?

    You need to enter your personal information and select the number of promo codes you want to buy on our website. Then you are needed to enter your credit card information to get the promo code sent to you through e-mail. Our website has a very secure payment gateway and your personal information will be kept safe.

  6. How to apply the promo code on to Pearson page?

    • You first need to go to the official website and click on BOOK NOW. Then you need to click on SIGN IN NOW.
    • On the left hand side a column with the option of SCHEDULE NOW will be visible.
    • Next, you need to choose the nearest 5 centres and click on the SEARCH ICON.
    • Your centre will be displayed here. Then you are required to select month, date and time-slot
    • Then you need to click on SELECT APPOINTMENT.
    • Then after pressing NEXT you will be able to view the PLT Registration questions. Then you need to SCROLL DOWN to view the ‘Add voucher code or promo code’ tab.
    • After typing in the promo code you are required to click on APPLY.
    • Once the code has been applied, the TOTAL DUE amount will be displayed as 0.00.
    • Review your order and click on CHECK BOX to ensure that you have gone through and agreed to all the terms and conditions.
    • Next, click on confirm order.
    • After confirmation you will receive a confirmation mail from Pearson.

  7. What is the validity of the promo code to be redeemed on the PTE website?

    The promo code will be effective till 10 months from the date of purchase all over India.

  8. Can I book PTE Academic for PR (Migration) and Student Visa?

    • In case of Education, all countries accept PTE
    • In case of Migration, presently Australia and NZ are accepting PTE.

    For further detailed information, please visit the official website

  9. What is the charge of rescheduling PTE-A?

    You will have to contact Pearson customer care for more details

  10. Which is the best website to buy PTE Promo Code?

    That’s us: ptepromocode.com You can buy the promo code by logging on to this website at point of time.

  11. What is the customer care number for PTE in India?

    The TOLL-FREE number in India is 0008004402020. You can call them on weekdays between 9 A.M to 5 P.M.

  12. How old do I need to be to take PTE-Academic?

    You should at least be 16 years old to take the test.

  13. Do I need to have computer skills to take the test?

    You do not require any special computer skills. However, you are advised to take one of our practice tests or watch the video tutorial on our website to get acquainted with the format.

  14. Is it compulsory to appear in the PTE-Academic examination in my home country only?

    No, you can take the test at any of our test centres around the world. However, you are advised to check what type of ID you have to use. If you are away from your home country, you might be asked to show you passport at the test centre.

  15. Can I book more than one PTE test?

    You can only book one test at a time.

  16. Can I change my exam centre later after buying the PTE promo code?


  17. Are all subjects weighed equally in the exam?


  18. How many times can I take the test?

    You can take the test as many times as you want.

  19. Can anyone use the promo code which is bought on my name?


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