Things To Know About PTE Academic Exam, Before You Plan To Conquer

Pearson’s Test of English (PTE) sets the ground for the non-native English speaking candidate’s ability to adapt to a foreign environment and study there. The PTE score is accepted by all major universities and also for visa application. These score helps you to get into your dream college and fulfill your dreams and aspirations.

Things you should know before you plan to conquer the PTE examination:

Do not be scared

You might have heard about the failure rates for these exams and the level of competition, but on the other hand, you might have heard about those who have conquered these exams and went to study in their dream universities. If you face the examination with confidence and without any fear you are bound to succeed. Half the battle is already won once you are not scared about the exams and the results and focus only on your knowledge. These exams do not focus only on your English but also social checks your interaction and problem-solving skills in a different environment that is completely not yours.

Assess your skills

Even before you appear for the exams find practice questions and materials and get the knowledge of how the question will appear and how the exam be like. Assess your skills and plus points and also your weakness in the various sections of tests in the PTE exams. PTE exams have three sections, academic test, and young learner test. Practice the free trial sheets and try to get ready for the exams. You need to focus on the exam by improving your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills and two skills are combined together to test you so learn to coordinate the skills. There are various platform available to test your skills by practicing PTE mock tests.

Reviewing and Retaking of the exams

Although you had prepared well, still the score was not appropriate, you need not worry; there is always another chance for which you can apply for reviewing and retaking for the exams. This test, unlike the ILETS, is completely computer based so chances of any error, bias, and discrepancies are impossible. Review and re-scoring is available for only those questions which have open ended answers or oral responses. In case the score gets changed, your previous score will be changed instantly as per the new score. To get the review and re-scoring done you should apply within 14 calendar days of receiving the initial score. The cost of reviewing is half the cost of taking the exam which is refundable in case there is a change in the re-score.

Also, once if you have sent the score to institutes the option of re-scoring comes to an end. However, you can take a fresh test if you are not happy with the marks and it is advisable to take a retest in place of the review.

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