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pte academic

Tips to achieve the desired score for PTE academic exam:

If you are planning to pursue higher education in Australia or want to apply for a visa, you must pass the English proficiency exam with a good score. For providing […]

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pte vs ielts

PTE vs IELTS advantages and which to choose for Australia?

PTE (Pearson Test of English) Introduction: PTE is an English proficiency test conducted by Pearson to check the level of English for non-native speakers. It is a totally computer-based exam […]

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pte voucher

Heavy Discount on PTE examination booking with PTE Voucher

Pearson provides two ways to book the PTE-A exam for the students who wish to schedule the exam in India, one of them is a PTE voucher. First, is to […]

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PTE academic exam

Why PTE academic exam has an advantage for study or migrating to Australia?

The student who is planning for higher education or if they are planning to settle in Australia, English eligibility exam is a must. IELTS and PTE were the two options […]

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Useful information about the free scored mock test with evaluations

PTE Promocode aim is to provide the all-round support for PTE related quires. It gives you the one-stop solution, whether be the PTE voucher in India or PTE practice test […]

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