PTE Writing Section’s Question Types with Tips and Tricks

If you are among those who are racing to crack up the PTE Academic, you will know that the test has several advantages over other similar ones in the same niche. It is computer-based, accepted across the world, uses artificial intelligence for scoring and the results are completely unbiased.

But did you know that writing PTE Academic test involves more mental preparation than the academic? Well, it’s true. So, breathe in and gear up for both mental and academic preparation of the exam.

There are chances you have heard most of these and also know the importance of practicing, using good study material and trying PTE Practice Test for attaining success in the test.

In this article here, we discuss in detail the writing module that is included together with Speaking.

Speaking and Writing

The PTE ‘Speaking and Writing’ section of the test format is divided into several tasks that are meant to assess both the speaking and writing skills of a candidate. ‘PTE Writing’ is the second section in the same module, after the ‘Speaking’ module. This means there is neither a different section nor any extra time that is allotted to perform the ‘Writing’ module.

Once the Speaking module is complete, the candidate has to click on the ‘Next’ button to move on to the ‘PTE Writing’ section of the module.

There are just two sections that aim at assessing the PTE Writing skills, these are:

  • Summarize Written Text
  • Essay
  1. Summarize Written Text

Basic Details

Task: Summarize a passage in a single sentence.

Skills assessed: Reading and writing

Prompt Length: Around 300 words

Time available: 10 minutes

What to expect?

In this task, a passage is given that includes the text of about 300 words. The candidate is required to read the passage carefully and then summarize it in a single sentence that has no more than 75 words. You will have a total of 10 minutes to answer this task. This includes reading time and time for writing the sentence too. The task is meant to assess the PTE Reading and PTE writing skills of a candidate.

You can also check the number of words as you write since the word count is flashed at the bottom of the screen.

The candidates can use the cut, copy and paste buttons while constructing the final sentence.

  • Use the ‘Cut’ button to remove a part of the text. Select the text you wish to remove and click on ‘Cut’
  • Select a part of your answer that you wish to copy and left-click on the ‘Copy’ option.
  • Now click at the place where you wish to paste the text that you cut or copy. This will move the cursor to that spot and copy the text there.

These actions will make it easier to edit the sentence multiple times before you get your final answer.

Tips —

  • When you think you are done, re-check to confirm that your answer is concluded in a single sentence only. This means it should start in a capital letter and must end with a full stop.
  • Check the word count. The sentence can neither be less than 5 words, nor more than 75 words. In either of the cases, you will not be credited for your answer.
  • When PTE writing the answer sentence, make use of a complex or a compound sentence. It will help to summarize the complete meaning of the passage without breaking the continuity of the sentence.
  1. Essay

Basic Details

Task: Write an essay on a given topic in about 200 to 300 words.

Skills assessed: Writing

Prompt Length: Around 2 to 3 lines

Time available: 20 minutes

What to expect?

This task requires a candidate to write an essay on the given prompt. It is important to ensure that the essay must have a minimum of 200 words and a maximum of 300 words. You can keep a track of your word count by the total words that are flashed at the bottom of the screen. They will change as every word is typed on to the screen.

The options of Cut, Copy, and Paste are also available to the candidates while they construct sentences for their essay. All of these three buttons can be used in a similar way as mentioned above for ‘Summarize written text’.

The total time available to accomplish this task is 20 minutes only.

A few things to keep in mind

Read and analyze the prompt well so you are able to understand the exact meaning of the topic and what is it trying to convey.

Make rough notes. It could be the keywords that come to your mind as you read the prompt. These can be later used to pen down the thoughts related to them.

Before you actually start writing down the essay, you should be clear and must also choose whether you are going to write for or against the topic (if the topic can have two different views).

There are several factors that contribute to the scores in this section. These include the nature of the content, use of ideas, structure and coherence, use of language, grammar and vocabulary, spellings and last but not the least, writing within the word limit.

Partial Credit scoring is used to score both of these tasks in the ‘Speaking and Writing’ module.ensure to achieve your target score before you book PTE Exam.

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