The truth about 50 Mock test and 20 Evaluation voucher with instant scoring of Reading and Listening

The students nowadays preferring the PTE A for their higher education or the immigration purpose to full fill their dreams. In order to book the PTE academic exam, Pearson provides PTE voucher offer to book the slot of PTE exam.

There are only a few genuine websites online which are providing the PTE vouchers offer to book the exam and provide the practice materials.

 Now let’s see how we are helping students for PTE academic exam:

The original exam price of the PTE academic exam is 13,300/- if you directly book from the Pearson. However, Pearson also provides the voucher so that student can save the money on the booking and can save money if the price of the exam is fluctuating.

Now let’s see how the other vendors who are selling voucher is fooling the student in order to grow their business.

There are vendors who sell the voucher at 12222/- and provides the 50 mock test and also the 20 evaluation vouchers. Let’s deep dive into this offer and we will explain to you why you should first verify the product before buying.

  •  50 Online mock test which they claim are up to the mark and give you the feeling of the real exam. Before buying the PTE voucher offer, just confirm the questions pattern and questions are a real ones
  • 20 Evaluation vouchers. It is a big trap to lure the student. This evaluation voucher is sure for free, but when you send the exam for the evaluation, they will charge you for it. So, kindly make sure that you always ask the vendors whether the evaluation is completely free or will they charge. These vendors are trying to give the fancy offer without mentioning the T&C upfront to the student and cheat with them.
  • Free study materials: Vendors online claim that they will provide you the free study materials on their website. But, after purchasing the voucher, either they will not provide you any material or else they will just give you the link of their blog. So be aware of this catchy offer and always ask a question to them before buying the vouchers.

Some website claim for Instant scoring of Reading and Writing:

First, understand the scoring pattern given by the official Pearson website. In PTE, unlike IELTS there is partial scoring of each section. For example, your Reading marks is not just calculated for that section only, it is been contribute from the Speaking (Read aloud question), Writing (Summarize written text) and Listening (Highlight incorrect words).

Which means if you have just attended the Reading section and someone claims the instant scoring of the Reading section, then it is totally wrong and they are misguiding the student about their true ability. This vendor, in order to gain a profit in the market, tends to play with the future of the students and provide the totally wrong information and materials. Lastly, as the aware customer, one should not fall into the trap of a greater number of free mock test and the material (which they are not providing) just to save a few bucks and then after regretting the decision of buying at a wrong place. So, always first confirm the details about the number of score mock test with evaluation they providing are free or it is just to lure the students.

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