PTE Speaking Test – Reasons why People Fail Often!

It’s not about what you know; it’s about how you express your knowledge, in front of the examiner. It happens mostly due to obliviousness of these mistakes. Failing PTE by giving a wrong impression can break your dream of pursuing higher studies from abroad.


But PTE Academic test aspirants are found making same mistakes all over. Things you should know about the PTE academic exam.

In speaking test, even native English speakers made these silly mistakes and ended up losing their marks during the exam. By knowing the common mistakes, you can rectify them within a few month practices.

Some common mistakes that students make in speaking section are:

1) Adding No-Sense Phrases to Stretch the Answers:

When people are unclear with their words, or their motive of speaking, they scramble sentences out of the way. At this time, they add fillers to manage the flow of sentences. Most commonly used fillers are ah, um, err, aa, etc. As they are evaluating your speaking skills and not filling one, they ultimately deduct your marks. These fillers drain your time and break your link with the main point. The moment your words miss to supply the relevant information, examiner marks you for what you said.

Suggestion – It is necessary to maintain flawless oral fluency to score high during PTE speaking test.

2) Frequent Use of Some Keywords:

Using ‘about’, ‘after’, ‘so’, ‘that’s why’ more often can lower down your score. PTE Academic exam takers penalized students for repeatedly using the same words. Using prepositions is good but repeating it, would be inept. Also, sometimes, students choose selected words in multiple answers. This practice causes the same results.

Suggestion – Be clear about what to say and enrich your vocabulary to craft better answers immediately.

3) Fast-Pacing the Speech (Microphone may misunderstand you.)

Many students oversupply information in minimum words to maintain fluency. They speak fast to give a good impression, but as they speak fast or mummer between words, in microphone, their voice gets converted into thud sound. Their answers become garbled on examiners part to understand and for which examiner fiddles with student’s score.

Suggestion – Maintain a natural speed and be clear with your words to gain marks.

4) Broken Phrases and Meaningless Sentences

Adding random thought, starting sentences with a verb, with irrelevant meaning, is done by most of the students. It would result in numerous incomplete sentences. Examiners want to you to express your views in a coherent and well-structured manner. Committing these mistakes would disappoint the examiner. If you realize your mistake, then also leave it, don’t get nervous move ahead.

5) Stopping frequently or Long Pauses

While using the recorder, if you pause for more than 3 seconds, then the recorder stops by itself. Moreover, the answer gets submitted regardless of it being complete or not. So don’t take a long pause.

Suggestion – At this time, you add phrases liked to your text, use of fillers should be avoided.

6) Speaking Inappropriately

You are evaluated on the basis of speaking skills to gain authority to travel in English speaking country for studying or working.  Thus, you are required to use formal context with appropriate grammar. The colloquial conversation should be avoided. Using them would be disappointing for the examiner and it may suffer hefty deduction.

Suggestion – Use short sentences, be coherent, take care if tense and blend them equally.

Tips to Improve PTE Speaking Section’s Results:

    • Try to control your breathing sound while recording. It produces dull sound, making your speech go vague.
    • Don’t mush up your knowledge, answer only what you are asked for.
    • Speak clear and loud.
  • Maintain some distance from Microphone.

PTE Academic speaking section is to check your oral expressions. Now, as you know the common mistakes, try to avert them to get a high score. Once you are all prepared to appear in PTE Exam, immediately buy your PTE Voucher at maximum discount. Got queries? Don’t hesitate to ask us.

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