Avoid These 6 blunders to Score Better in PTE Exam

Our PTE experts have observed that they had made same mistakes again and again which affected their scores. Most of the students made such mistakes which could be avoided if they had paid little attention. As we are aimed at spreading awareness related to PTE Academic Exam, we would like to suggest you some measures which will help you to minimize your mistakes

We have mentioned few common mistakes that you can avoid during PTE academic exam:

1. Stuttering and Trying to Fill the Gaps

It has often been noticed that students, in nervousness, usually use meaningless words like ah, err, uh, um, etc. This happens because of the uncertainty of what to speak next and ultimately ends up in deducting scores by the PTE Academic examiners.

Suggestion – Prepare a format, speak accordingly, form sentences in mind and be confident

2. Acting ‘Fluent’; missing out ‘Correctness’.

Believing that fluency is, what is being tested would be wrong, as the examiner during speaking section not only hear but listen and will be looking to increase the count of your mistakes.  The examiner will be evaluating your sentence formation, fluency, grammar, confidence altogether. If you are try to be fluent, chances of making mistakes may increase due to nervousness.

Suggestion – You should maintain the same speed throughout. Be correct and intelligible with your words.

3. Pausing, when the recorder starts!

It would be important to know that the recorder will stop working, if you pause for exactly 3 seconds or more. Eventually, not recording your answer means, reducing your score in PTE Academic Exam. You may be advised to take a deep breath to maintain your consciousness but not here, don’t pause, and keep speaking. The recorder is strictly programmed, not to record, if it is paused for more than 3 seconds  

Suggestion – Start speaking with the beep in the recorder and stop only when time gets over. Don’t pause anywhere in the middle.

4. Extending incoherent paraphrases in listening section

What candidates often do is: they try to extend particular sentences without being logical. It’s awe-full. They can use multiple sentences while summarizing. Read the rules by summery subsection in listening and writing skills carefully. They are opposite to each other, listening section demands multiple sentences while summarizing whereas, writing section doesn’t.

Suggestion – Try to explain your ideas well used impressive vocabulary with correct sentience formation and the most important- follow word limit strictly.

5. Using incorrect form of tenses

It has been seen that most of the descriptive sentences are formatted in present continuous tense, whereas present indefinite tense should be used. PTE Academics examiners are active enough to mark these mistakes.  Use all the required future and past tense in your sentence to express yourself appropriately.

Suggestion – Hold tenses well, merge all the tense in your alternate sentences, as per the situation allows.

6. Starting senses with inappropriate words repetitions or pauses.

Using irrelevant phrases in the beginning or deploying false connotations through irrelevant and incomplete sentences would be a poor start. Hesitations, repetitions, and pauses should be strictly avoided. For a good score, you need work on your oral skills. Don’t take pauses and don’t be extremely frequent. Avoid boredom by using non- repetitive words or phrases.

Suggestions – Give a real start with natural fluency and expression, practice speaking as much as you can.

The errors, mentioned above, can not only reduce your chances of passing the PTE Exam, but also will mess with your image as a bad English literate.  Give your career a careful state by avoiding these tiny mistakes. If  you want to buy PTE voucher at the least prices. We offer PTE voucher code at very lowest price in India. Visit us at https://www.ptepromocode.com and buy PTE voucher.

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